UV Guard Advance Finish

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UV Guard Advance Finish is a clear water based wood finish. This environmentally friendly, crystal clear finish adds depth and a modest sheen to your already stained wood. The breathable film repels moisture which allows your stain to retain color and protects your home from UV rays longer. Although UV Guard Advanced Finish was created to be a topcoat for UV Guard, it can be used on some other water based stains as well. The primary uses for this finish is on the exterior of log homes, wood siding, timbers, fences and shingles; this finish should not be sued on high density, high oil content or exotic woods. The UV Guard Advance Finish has some advantages including easy application, very little odor, mold and mildew protection and easy application to name a few. One coat of this finish will give your stained wood the final touch it needs for a perfect look of protection.

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